Spring 2018 Has Sprung

After a pretty cold January (for Florida anyway) February has brought spring! Today, February 25th, we got into the mid 80s up here in North East Florida.

We have been putting a lot of time into Sonas getting her ready for the upcoming cruise to the Abacos and to the Chesapeake. So today we decided to treat ourselves and (after Paul watched Manchester United beat Chelsea in the Premier League!) we jumped into our RIB, Little Sonas, and headed out for a few hours.

Approached Queen’s Harbour lock
Today’s conditions
Lock master Harry ready to throw the lines
Guarding the channel
Number 82 in for some work
Outer Reef Rencontre
While we understand the fishing connotation, not sure on this name!
Little Talbot State Park and Fort George River was pretty busy for a February!
On the beach for a picnic lunch at Little Talbot State Park
Home again!


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