May 21-22 2016

Another beautiful weekend in North East Florida.

We had planned to go out of Friday evening with two other couples for a dinner cruise. But the weather forecast was so dire that we entertained at home instead. Of course, as is always the case, the bad weather never materialized!

Foredeck Friends
Fore deck Friends

On Saturday we left the dock late morning, cleared the lock and were at anchorage around noon. As soon as we got the anchor squared away Paul got the FA Cup Final up on the TV  and poor Grace had to cross her legs and wait for regulation time and then 30 minutes of extra time before she got to go ashore! The good news is that Manchester United won!


We got to use a few thing on the boat this weekend that we hadn’t before. We worked out how to deploy the swim steps – not that straightforward as it turned out. We also got to use the new Magma grill that we installed, grilling burgers and sausage. We will probably shy away from doing burgers in the future as they tend to be messy.

New grill has been christened.

On Sunday we had planned to leave after doggie-walks on the beach and a couple of cups of coffee. The Queen’s Harbour Yacht Club were having brunch at Billy’s Boat House Grill, so we wanted to get back to home dock, tie Sonas up, and then head back out on the RIB for brunch.

Full speed to Billy’s!

We had around 40 members at the brunch and as always had great company and great food.

Queens Harbour Yacht Clubs at Billy’s.

Once back at the home dock we went shopping – and added to our fleet! We had been thinking for some time that we would like a couple of small sit-in kayaks to use while at anchorage. So we went to Academy Sports where they were having a sale, and bought them – the excuse was that Sian wanted them for her upcoming birthday! So next weekend we get to try those out!


All in all a very busy, but fun, weekend on the water!

All the photos from the weekend are right here! Move your mouse over the video and click on the box in the bottom right for full screen.

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