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Tribute to Grace – The World’s Best Boat Dog!

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  1. Grace is doing much better than our dog. She never peed or pooped (well there was one explosion that was going to come out no matter what) on our boat. We went through all of the steps you did with a seasoned pad, etc. No good.

    Our 6 yo Sheltie at the time even made overnight passages of as much as 24 hours holding it the whole way. Our vet said that it wouldn’t hurt her and when she had to go, she would go. But never.

    She was a great boat dog otherwise. she would nestle down in the cabin up against the galley cabinet when it was rough (this was a sailboat) and took dinghy rides with aplomb.

    But she would not go on the boat, ever.

    Glad you are enjoying the Exumas. We did a couple of months in the Abacos a dozen years ago and I have tried to talk my wife into doing the Exumas but no luck.


    1. David, Abacos is our favorite part of the Bahamas. So far we are not convinced that the Exumas have shown us otherwise – though a the wind dies and the weather heats up that may change. We have done the Abacos a couple of times in our own boat, flown over and rented a house and center console, and then eight of us rented a Moorings Cat. So four different ways of experiencing the Abacos, and all wonderful!

  2. We traveled with our dog and I cut some AstroTurf that fit in the bow. That was his yard, he learned that was his place to go potty in just about a half a day with a lot of patience. He learned when he went to do his thing he got a treat. wasn’t long and he was letting himself out so he would get a treat. He has been on all bodies of water east of the Mississippi. Approx. 50,000 miles he new exactly what to do just like the 2nd mate when coming in , getting into the dinghy, or time to go into shore. Going into the locks he had to ware his life jacket which we at first didn’t know how that would go but no problem. We lost him last spring and miss him very much.

    1. Thanks for the comments Bert. We will keep trying but she is coming up on 13 and we are finding that the old adage is true; “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

  3. Hello,
    A couple of years ago we moved to St Augustine, last year we bought a boat…. Sea Ray 550. We are planning on our first trip across to the Bahamas in March. What advice might you have? Where should we go in the Bahamas? Is March a good time? Where is the best place to cross?
    We are a little nervous about the trip… just my wife, Nancy and myself.

    Thank you for any words of wisdom you might offer.

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