Twice To Cumberland Island Again!

Our daughter and her boyfriend came from Montana for a week so we went up to Cumberland Island for a couple of days during the last week of April. Then during the last week of May we went back up for a few days to meet up with some boater friends who had cruised down from Wrightsville Beach. This was already our third and fourth trip there in 2021!

While there we met with a group of about 20 teens and some parents from a neighborhood in Atlanta. They come to the island every year after school lets out. They have been dong this since 2009.

Our friends are also members of the DeFever owners club, and while there another DeFever came in, River Girl. We invited everyone over to Sonas for dinner on Friday evening.

We headed back home on Saturday morning to try and avoid the Memorial Weekend madness, the sandbars were already jam packed!

Some photos.

Waiting in the ICW to let St Johns River traffic pass
Busy BAE shipyard
Doing the noisy tourist thing!
Cumberland Island wild horses
Gong to walk the island – a bit choppy so PFDs on!
Sunset over Kings Bay
This little fella turned his back on us!
Warship 82 coming into Mayport Naval Base
Warship 82 – The USS Lassen. An Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer
Back from the morning walk
Kings Bay Submarine Base supply ship
DeFever cruisers for dinner
Kids having fun!
The McCarleys on Water Colors
A first for us – a mega yacht anchored off Fernandina
Because the marina was full of other big yachts!
Counting the bird nests
The Memorial Day madness on Fort George River
Too many to count
And more coming!

2 thoughts on “Twice To Cumberland Island Again!”

  1. Have you anchored at the Fort George River spot across from the plantation lately? Wondering if it’s still OK to anchor there. I draw 4 feet.

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