Spring Cruise 2021 – Week 6

Foggy Titusville

Day 35. Sunday March 28.

Our plan for the final few days of our spring cruise was to run from Titusville City Marina to Halifax Harbor Marina in Daytona, to Camachee Cove Marina in St Augustine, and then to home dock.

We left Titusville once some the morning fog had lifted getting into Halifax Harbor early afternoon. We took the opportunity to give Sonas a spritz to get rid of the salt on the hull. Afterwards, as we were sitting in the cockpit enjoying a cocktail we saw a nice blue hulled Sabre 48 come into the fuel dock across the way from us. We thought it looked familiar but couldn’t read the boat name as it was obscured by the dinghy. We looked to see if there were a couple of black labs on board – and up popped two black heads. It was Lucky Dogs out of our neighborhood!

Lucky Dogs

After they had fueled up the marina had them tie up right behind us on the face dock and Gary and Carol came on board for a drink. They were on their way to the Keys for a couple of weeks! We had a table booked at the Charthouse restaurant right beside the marina so we called them and changed the reservation to a party of four. We had an excellent dinner with great company.

Day 36. Monday March 29.

We had an easy run from Daytona To Camachee Cove. On the way we passed the carcasses of two dead manatees by the side of the ICW in Ormond Beach. The previous day, Sunday, had been one of the first good days of the year and there were hundreds of boats out. We guessed someone had been careless. We called the FWC and reported the deaths and they told us that they would send a team out to investigate.

Dead manatee
Second dead manatee

We had dinner this evening at the Kingfish Grill at the marina.

Day 37. Tuesday March 30.

We left Camachee Cove mid morning and we were tied up at our home dock by two pm. 37 days in all. It didn’t take long to get all of the provisions and clothing off Sonas. In fact it wasn’t long before we decided to head on out again for a few days anchored up at Cumberland Island the following week!

The next day we booked Sian’s first COVID 19 vaccine shot in preparation for her trip to Montana late April!

Salty looking trawler moored at Titusville
What its all about!
Drafting for exercise!
White pelicans
Someone needs to move over!!
Company onboard
Sportsfishermen in Camachee Cove.

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