Preparing For The Exumas – Part 4

Well it has been a VERY busy month of February!

We have had (and completed) a long list of To-Dos. Paul created a Word document  that listed everything we had to buy, fix, maintain, and just simply do!

The new bow thruster motor has been installed and tested. The Glendinning controls have been upgraded to 24 volt, installed and tested. The engines and generator have been serviced.

We have topped all of the batteries up with distilled water. We have repainted the anchor chain at 25 foot intervals, we have had the bottom cleaned and new zincs installed.

Marked anchor chain

We have installed two wireless cameras feeding video to the pilothouse and flybridge monitors. We can now watch the engine room while underway as well as see what is behind us while in the pilothouse.

Wireless camera feeds

All of the appropriate charts and cruising guides are on board. Paul has added all of his navigation and boating bookmarks to the laptop.

We have cleaned the dinghy, painted on the new Florida registration numbers, and had the outboard serviced. We have bought two gas cans and filled these with non-ethanol gas to supply the dinghy.

All of the spares are on board as are the new rods and reels. Lures and extra tackle have been bought and stored. We have bought new snorkel gear, including full face masks.

New rods and reels

We have topped up the fuel tanks. including 100 gallons in the smaller third tank which will be our emergency supply in case we get contamination in the main tanks. There is now approximately 900 gallons on board.

The life raft has been serviced and stowed on the deck, and the new EPIRB installed.

Provisioning has been completed, meats frozen, all foods in cardboard has been repacked in baggies and all cardboard removed from the boat. Wine and beer all stowed in cupboards, under beds and on the salon floor!

Some of the booze!

And finally Paul has packed all of his camera and drone gear. Which is pretty substantial!

Cameras and drone

So off we go!


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