March Trip To Cumberland Island

We returned from our trip to South America and decided during the second week of our self-isolation from COVID-19 to take Sonas up to Cumberland Island for a few days. The island is closed to ferry and other charter traffic but still open to those arriving by private boat. The rangers are still working though all contact centers are closed. We had planned on staying two nights but the weather was so good and the island so empty we made our provisions last another night!

We went on the beach on the Atlantic side and we were the only people on the 17.5 mile long beach! We also visited the ruins on the mansion built by the Carnegies.

The forecast was fine so we returned home running outside. The only issue from the trip was that our gear change cable on the tender broke – so we will look to get that fixed this week so we can get up to Cumberland again very soon!

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4 thoughts on “March Trip To Cumberland Island”

  1. Love it!
    Next trip we go!
    We went up in our Motorhome
    To Crooked River State park.
    It was so lovely and peaceful we are planning a tip back!

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