Birthday Weekend At Fort George

Birthday dinner on board

It was Paul’s birthday this past Saturday and he said that he wanted to spend it on the boat – so on the boat we went!

Saturday started out a bit windy, with a steady 16-18 mile wind from the north east. We left the lock by 9:30 and headed up the ICW towards Fort George. We were towing the big RIB as we have starting problems with the tender (we think water in the fuel and it went into the shop on Monday).

At the BAE shipyard we passed this beauty. Later we Googled Fountainhead and discovered that it belonged to Mark Cuban!


Due to the full moon and the North East wind pushing the water into the river the tides were pretty high. There were plenty of boats out and lots of folk right up into the flats.

Fishing the flats
Fishing the flats

We got ourselves well anchored before eleven. We had a number of small chores to do around the boat after which we took the RIB across to the Kingsley Plantation dock and took Grace for a walk around the grounds.  Grace was very disinterested in the peacock who came to inspect us – not surprising given the awful noise the thing makes!

Kingsley peacock

Getting back to Sonas Paul broke out the fishing rod and Sian broke out the cruising Guide to the Exumas! Paul did not have much luck, landing only a catfish- though it was a decent size. Back in it went, even though Grace was interested in investigating it some more!

Fat catfish

For Paul’s birthday Sian had planned a very nice dinner. Filet mignon steaks and fingerling potatoes on the grill and almond Brussel sprouts from the galley. Along with a couple of glasses of red, it all tasted very nice.

Filet mignon and potatoes grilling

Sunday morning started off very calm, with no breeze to speak of. Sian took Grace for a morning walk and Paul flew the drone over the anchorage right at sunrise. See the video here:

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We left the anchorage before eleven am as we wanted to take a slow cruise back and enter the lock at near high tide.  All in all a very relaxing time.

The rest of the photos from the weekend here:

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