May 7th 2016

We set out intending  to anchor off the Kingsley Plantation and stay for the night. It was a gorgeous day, not a cloud in the North East Florida sky and a nice light breeze from the west.

AIS Track
Approaching the St John’s River from the south. Not a cloud in the sky.

We passed Invictus just as she was pulling away from the BAE ship yard after an overhaul. You can rent her for a week for $476,000 per week plus expenses!

Invictus leaving after her refit.

We got to the anchorage and put down the anchor and snubber. We sat on the fore deck seats and had a cup of English Breakfast tea, after applying the sun lotion of course.

Tea on the foredeck.

Around 3:30 we launched the dingy off the aft flybridge to take Grace ashore for a pee. And found we had a flat engine battery for the 25HP outboard. Paul swapped out a fully charged genset battery and the engine cranked strongly – but it did not start. It did run fine the last time we were out – the one and only other time we started and ran it since we got Sonas.

We suspect the fuel filters. So on Sunday Paul is going to change out the spin-on fuel filter and the one  under the cowling. We will also replace the battery with a new one.

We decided that , since Grace couldn’t get ashore, we would come back to our home dock for the night!  Ah well, there will be plenty of other days on board – the year is yet young!

Some photos of the day:

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