Power Boating – What It’s Really Like!

Power boating – What It’s Really Like.

We are in the Exumas!

We took a week to finally reach the Exumas. Left Jacksonville Florida in jeans and sweat shirts , approached Nassau in swimmers! That’s more like it!

Our trip down to Palm Beach was on The Intra-Coastal Waterway and uneventful, although in some of the No Wake zones rather tedious. A routine quickly developed, coffee on, dog walked, cast off and onward. Breakfast, tea and one cookie – yes dear one is a serving – at 10.30. Knit a little red hat for the heart foundation during the day, lunch a hand-held-of-some-sort and tied up again at 5. Taking full advantage of the marinas for me means no cooking because I shall be doing enough of that for the next three months thank you very much!

Morning walk with Grace

Biggest challenge is lack of sleep. Various reasons and truth be told I am never a good sleeper for whom nothing is improved by being shattered. Mr. Party Hearty on the boat next to us in West Palm Beach cranking out his tunes at 3 am does not know how close to bodily injury he came!

In the Gulf Stream

And then we crossed from Florida to Lucaya, a ten hour trip.  With a lot of water and not much else. Saw the odd cruise ship in the distance but it really is vast when you are out on the ocean. The swells made for a lumpy ride but at no time did we feel in any peril. Unless you are wildly interested in fuel gauges, radar, and engine room checks it makes for a long , long day, but the beautiful crystal clear waters upon arrival make it all worthwhile.

Atlantis, Nassau
Nassau cruise docks
Where does the sky end and water begin!

Since we arrived we have been anchoring out out,  which involved the dinghy launch. We have The World’s Best Dog (who is resisting boat training) which makes the dinghy essential to get her ashore. So far, in one twelve hour period I have fallen into the dingy, fallen over in the dingy (think turtle), and fallen out of the dingy! Who knew power boating was such an extreme sport! My advice to other newbies, train hard!!

Also the excitement of setting the anchor. Sometimes It takes a couple of goes to get the anchor set, grass bottoms and rocks we are unfamiliar with, but our confidence will improve. Sorry, let me rephrase, MY confidence will improve, himself is as happy as a clam. Then every time you turn over in the night and listen to the waves, are they different? Check the anchor then lay there hoping for the best. No wonder I am so tired!

Excuse me I must have a nap, it is 9.38 am after all!


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  1. I was right! You should have your “personal physician” onboard!
    Miss you guys but enjoying “cruising” vicariously!

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